What Is a Virtual CFO, and Why Do I Need One?

Every business needs guidance when it comes to money. Without a clear picture of your current finances and a strategic plan for the future, you could be putting your business at risk of failure, regardless of how good your idea is or how dedicated your customers are to your product or service.

That’s where a virtual CFO comes in.

A VCFO, otherwise known as a virtual chief financial officer, is an outsourced service provider offering highly skill assistance in the financial requirements of your company and

can provide you with many of the services that a traditional in-house CFO offers. They include:

  • Creating financial roadmaps
  • Strategic planning
  • Numbers forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Preparing for the sale of your business

The benefits of hiring a virtual CFO over a conventional CFO include the ability to control business costs, and the services you require can grow with your business. In addition, you’re able to hire the best CFO for the job instead of relying on local talent alone.

What Makes a Virtual CFO Different Than Other Financial Professionals?

Although you can often save money hiring a virtual chief financial officer instead of an orthodox in-house CFO, it’s still an expense that some might be tempted to avoid. After all, you likely have other financial professionals on your team. Can’t they just provide you with the kinds of services that would be offered by a CFO?

Although other financial professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, controllers, and accounting managers can provide you with clarity and structure regarding your current financial situation, only a CFO can provide you with financial services that enable you to look into the future so you can reach your financial goals.

If you want to learn more about what a virtual chief financial officer has to offer, or you’re interested in discussing CFO services to meet the needs of your business, give us a call at 1-888-400-2148. With more than 30-years’ experience, we would love to see how we can help you gain financial clarity, peace of mind, and confidence from knowing and understanding your numbers. You can also fill out our online form and we will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.



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