About Evolve CFO Services – Virtual and Interim Chief Financial Officer Services

Evolve CFO Services supports growth-focused women business owners in achieving clarity, peace of mind, and confidence by helping them understand and manage their numbers. We serve as a virtual and/or interim chief financial officer (CFO), helping our clients maximize profits, expertly manage their money, attract needed funding, and steadily increase their companies’ value.

We know that many entrepreneurs are great at what they do, but lack the financial expertise needed to confidently scale a business. This is where a virtual or interim chief financial officer like Evolve can help. Our team of highly trained financial experts and strategists is here to support you in maximizing your cash flow and profits – and achieving all of your business growth goals – by serving as your virtual or interim chief financial officer.

We focus on supporting women CEOs because we understand firsthand the mindset shifts, personal growth, and practical financial knowledge these talented business owners need to take their companies to the next level. Too often, women in general, and women business owners in particular, don’t have the same background, education or experience with financial strategy and risk management as their male counterparts.

Our clients recognize that their personal growth is what fuels the evolution of their businesses. They embrace learning, willingly challenge their beliefs and ways of doing business in the pursuit of improvement.  They soak up new ideas like the desert after a rainstorm, and recognize that business success is a team sport.  As a result of their humility and commitment to continual improvement, the work we do supporting them unleashes an exponential impact on their teams, their clients, their communities, and the world.


Marilyn J. Magett

Chief Financial Strategist - Passionately driven to creating clarity, confidence, and growth accelerating results for our clients. We are your next step for growth!

Eden Jones

Experienced results-driven executive. Passionately delivers strategic direction, fiscal oversight, and leadership to generate high productivity, exceptional operating efficiencies, and sustained revenue growth.

Tia Seymour

Experienced Marketing Coordinator with demonstrated history of creating results working in B2B marketing, social media, and lead generation.

Meet Marilyn J. Magett,
CEO and Founder of Evolve CFO Services …
Your Virtual and/or Interim Chief Financial Officer

Marilyn J. Magett is the CEO and Founder of Evolve CFO Services, which serves as a virtual and/or interim Chief Financial Officer for women-owned, growth-focused businesses. She helps women business owners who want the clarity, peace of mind, and confidence that comes from knowing and understanding their numbers.  By working with a virtual or interim Chief Financial Officer, business owners are able to maximize profits, expertly manage their money, attract needed funding, and steadily increase their companies’ value.


Marilyn’s distinguished career spans more than three decades and prepared her well to serve as an interim chief financial officer for women-own businesses. She’s served as CFO and in Controllership-level positions for several companies, including Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies. Well-grounded in accounting and financial management for both corporations and individuals, Marilyn learned early in her career that principles being applied in corporate and business accounting and financial management could and should also be relevant to small businesses – and vice versa. Drawing from her diverse experience, she’s able to identify and apply principles that best serve her clients’ unique business and personal financial needs.


Marilyn works exclusively with growth-focused business owners who want to relieve the stress and frustration caused by their business’ financial growing pains by designing and implementing a customized, integrated, strategic financial management system. Using her proprietary three-step financial breakthrough process as a virtual or interim chief financial officer, she helps clients attract or create the funding and investment capital necessary to grow revenue and boost profitability, develop a milestone-based plan for deploying those funds while managing cash flow, and a system that keeps that plan on track.


Growing up, Marilyn tossed around numbers the way most children toss around marbles. Raised in a home with absentee parents, she quickly learned how to manage the household for herself and her five younger siblings. Today, she’s able to stand in the middle of any financial storm as a virtual or interim Chief Financial Officer for women-owned businesses and confidently create financial order out of chaos. 


Marilyn believes that every business can be financially successful by leveraging the right business model and by using financial forecasts, designing for profitability in advance.  Fiercely committed to her clients’ success and passionate about serving as a virtual or interim Chief Financial Officer, she’s affectionately known as “The Get-It-Done Gal” for doing whatever it takes to instill confidence and make an impact. 

Marilyn holds an Executive MBA from Baruch College, City University of New York and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Financial Planning & Management from Empire State College, State University of New York. Committed to ongoing professional and personal development, she’s also earned several professional certifications, including Certified Financial Planner from the College of Financial Planning, Certified Turnaround Professional from the Turnaround Management Association, and Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisor from the Association of Insolvency & Restructuring Advisors. She has been a Registered Investment Advisor with the National Association for Securities Dealers for Series 7, 24, 63, 65. 

When she’s not transforming the world of business finance as a virtual and/or interim Chief Financial Officer for women-owned businesses, Marilyn enjoys escaping to another world with a good book or movie. She loves spending time with her husband, Adrian, and her four incredible kids in the two places they call home, San Diego and Jamaica.

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