Success Stories

I needed to increase my LOC with my bank. Marilyn helped me position my financials and projections to be able to pitch to several banks. She looked under the hood, analyzed and determined exactly where the deficits were in my cash flow, and helped me position my company in the best possible light. Cash is now abundantly available and I will be reaching out to Marilyn again for assistance with managing growth.
Michele Adams
Levy Recognition
We were struggling with back office and finance process, procedure and personnel issues that were hampering our profitability and ability to scale our business. Marilyn brought an incredible commitment and focus to identifying problems, presenting solutions and executing on those solutions. The solutions Marilyn implemented have given us a clarity and focus that has allowed us to develop realistic financial and business development plans.
Jim Larosa
Jurisolutions, Inc.
“Before I started working with Marilyn Magett and Evolve CFO Services, I was completely in the dark about my business finances. Without the real numbers, I was holding back because I didn’t have clarity. Working with Marilyn has been one of the BEST decisions I have made for myself and my business. I am so much more confident in the decisions we are making to grow the business because they are based on real, clean numbers, reporting, and planning. Within 3 months of hiring Evolve CFO Services, I was able to hire 2 new support team members to help manage our growth and keep our clients happy!”
Sharon Muniz
Founder & CEO - NCN Technology
“For years, I struggled with cash flow and growth for my company. I knew where I wanted to take my business, I just didn’t know how to get there. Evolve CFO Services created a blueprint, an easy-to-follow plan, showing me how to get my finances in place to support my growth plans. I am currently finding investors and working toward by business goals. I feel so relieved to understand cash flow and how it is fundamental to grow a business. I feel like I was stumbling around in the dark and suddenly the light came on.”
DeeAnn Tracy
Peak Scents Botanical Bodycare
“I’d been wanting to sell my business for some time, but did not know where to begin. I learned about Marilyn Magett through a friend who raved about her services. Marilyn went right to work and contacted 5 people in my industry to inquire about their interest before we even finalized papers! From the start, she actively pursued potential buyers and created an analysis of my business to attract buyers. Selling a business can be unsettling and confusing. Who I sold to was as important to me as the actual financial deal. Marilyn listened and immediately implemented a process designed to find me the right partner and deal combination. She was with me through every step of the process, and I am very happy with the result.”
Jacquie Reilly
“I have had the distinct pleasure of working side-by-side with Marilyn several times, as consultants to the same company and as co-management team members. She is clear, direct, incredibly competent, and knowledgeable. She vastly improved the finances, cash flow, financial controls, and financial operations of all the companies we have worked at together. Her insights into finances and business are amazing. Her work ethic is extraordinary, and even if she’s working as a “partial” CFO for you, you have her attention whenever you need it. I would bring Marilyn in to any company who is having financial and cash flow issues, wants to grow more profitably, or that is looking to get ready for sale. She will transform your business — and allow you to sleep at night!”
Lauren Tanny
CEO, The Tannywood Group, Inc.
“Marilyn was a fantastic person to work with and is not only a multi-skilled and insightful colleague, but an inspiring strategist. Very good person & great consultant with very strong problem-solving skills. She shepherded us through troubling times to come out on the other side intact and with a profitable business model. Marilyn is an asset to any company.”
Pnina Gruer
Owner South Sun Products
“Marilyn Magett was able to assist me in renewed direction for my company with a solid analyzed financial base. Her guidance to managers was invaluable. She was able to assist them in seeing their work from a different perspective which resulted in remarkable increase in efficiency. She assisted me in the sale of my business, a daunting and challenging process. She was involved on all levels, financial analyses, negotiations and creative planning. I could not have achieved the sale price without her.”
Teresa Shanahan
Owner of Lifeline Cares at Home
“Evolve CFO Services creates a step-by-step process, clearly defines the deliverables and creates a definable assessment and action plan for CEOs.”
Sharon Griggs
Business Coach - Del Mar, CA
“When we started working with Evolve CFO Services 10 years ago (then CRS Financial Management), our business was in serious distress. Marilyn brought financial expertise and a strength that the management team leaned on through very tough decisions. She helped us get back on track, eliminate significant debt loads, and become profitable and sustainable again. To this day, we still work with Evolve because she has shown tremendous loyalty to our team and clearly works towards what is best for our company. I highly recommend Evolve CFO Services.”
Murphy Clarke
“I had the privilege of working with Marilyn Magett during a challenging stage in our company’s growth. She has been instrumental in improving our financial health, and instilling great discipline in our executive management team. I truly appreciate and respect her ability to efficiently get things done and add value – day 1 and each day thereafter!”
Michael Caccavano
“Evolve CFO Services has been instrumental in helping us to get critical financial processes working for our company, including reducing our AR cycles, improving cash flow, get proper budgeting in place and providing regular reporting and metrics.”
Jeff Walpole
CEO Phase 2 Technology, Alexandria, VA
“Marilyn Magett- long story short she is fantastic and has provided significant value in a very short period of time. I highly recommend you connect. She is nimble and can work in small or large capacities-but is someone who is vested in our success as if she were an owner- HUGE ASSET.”
Thad Kahlow
CEO Business OnLine, San Diego, CA
“ Marilyn is a true entrepreneur. She is one of them, understands what they need and has the vision to create her own model.”
Brian Callahan
Investment Banker - Orange County, CA
“I didn’t need a lot of back and forth with Evolve CFO Services; I hired them on the spot. I signed Marilyn Magett and her team when the company identified some issues with our accounting staff not keeping up. We wanted a commitment to producing reports in a timely way and they could do it.”
Brian Rott
President - Cart Mart, San Marcos, CA
“She’s intelligent and understands the numbers well. She looks at the P & L, the Balance Sheet to see things others don’t and does a good job keeping us aware. Marilyn is pleasant and has a sincere way of steering without being a know it all.”
Casey Leblanc
President - First Financial, San Diego, CA
“Performance in financial management responsibilities and asset management was superior.”
James Herndon
Capsource Funds
“Marilyn added the professional knowledge, technical insights, focus and sense of urgency that was required to energize and direct our restructuring efforts. Her cash management and cost control expertise created a very positive response from creditors and investors.”
Ken Frederick
Molecular Imaging Corp.

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