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A Southern California client of ours went to his bank for a working capital line of credit. The bank wanted to review their financials and projections. However, the financial statements showed negative assets, negative liabilities, and inconsistent operating margins, resulting from turnover in the accounting department staff.
The owner no longer knew the real financial status of his business. CRS Financial Management Solutions reviewed their balance sheet accounts for the prior year (since their last CPA review), reconciled various key accounts, made the appropriate adjustments to both the balance sheet and income statements, and prepared restated financials for the current year. Using consistent historical information and the business owner’s plans for the future, we also prepared projections for the coming year. Our client submitted the financial reports, was approved for the line of credit and is getting down to the business of growing his business.

How much do real solutions cost?
Client Investment: ……… $32,000
Client Return: …………… $200,000
Return on Investment: … 525%



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