3 Signs Your Company is Ready for a Part Time CFO

Hesitant about hiring a CFO because you think it means hiring one full-time? That’s not necessarily the case. A part time CFO is a great option for some businesses. The question is, how do you know your company is ready to start looking for the best virtual CFO services on a part time basis?

1. Your Company Has Grown

The size of your company can be a good indication that you’re ready for part time CFO services. You probably don’t need one if you’re one of just a handful of employees, but if you have a few dozen employees or you make a few million in revenue each year, it’s a good idea to hire a chief financial officer who works for your company part time.

2. You Have Money Questions You Can’t Answer

Feel like your company is losing money, but you’re not sure where it’s going? Want to put together your first financial forecast, but don’t know how? Answering money questions like these is important, but they can be nearly impossible to answer without the help of a CFO.

3. Dealing With Multiple Departments and the Board of Directors Is a Challenge

If you feel like the departments in your company are acting without input from other departments, or if your board of directors has started asking tough questions, a part time virtual CFO can help. They can help you manage your business with a broader perspective, and they can help you make the right decisions so you feel confident approaching your board of directors.

How Can We Help?

If you are looking to hire a part time or virtual CFO, we can help! With decades of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients. Evolve CFO is an outsourced part time virtual CFO firm dedicated to maximizing profits, expert money management, attracting needed funding, and steadily increasing your companies’ value. For more information about the best virtual CFO services that are available for your business, contact us today at 1 (888) 400-2148



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