Preparing for Sale

Helping Women-Owned Businesses Prepare for Sale

As a Top Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services Provider, We Can Help You Proactively Prepare Your Business Finances So You’re Ready to Sell When the Time Is Right.

Get the Financial Expertise and Support to Continue Your Company’s Growth Trajectory

You’ve Built a $3 Million+ Business.
Are You Prepared for What Comes Next?

Maybe you want to slow down, devoting more time and attention to other interests.

But how do you keep your company healthy in the meantime?

Maybe you plan to sell in a few years.

What do you need to start doing now to command the highest possible sale price?

Maybe you aren’t thinking of selling at all.

But what could you do NOW so you’re prepared for an unexpected inquiry from a potential buyer?

Proactively managing your business finances means being ready for potential problems – and potential opportunities.

As a top virtual chief financial officer services provider, we’ve developed a proprietary Preparing Your Business for Sale Program for women business owners whose companies generate $3 million or more annually.

Identify any issues associated with a potential sale – and develop a plan.

Gain clarity around what an appropriate valuation looks like for your business.

Improve your current valuation so you get paid full worth for the time and energy you’ve invested.

Identify and negotiate with potential transaction partners.

Want the Clarity, Peace of Mind and Confidence That Your Business Is Ready to Sell When You’re Ready to Release It?

Book a 45-minute Strategy Session with a top virtual chief financial officer at Evolve CFO Services. During this complimentary, no-obligation consultation, we’ll explain more about our process – and whether our Preparing Your Business for Sale Program is right for you at this time.