Attention, Growth-Focused Women CEOs of 7- and 8-Figure Businesses…

How would you like to generate profits and net cash flow every single month automatically and predictably, to help scale your business?

Are you ready to scale your 7- or 8-figure business … but you just can’t seem to find the extra money needed to fund your efforts?

Does This Sound Like You?

And When You’re Honest With Yourself, You Feel…

What You REALLY Want is 100% Confidence That

You’re on the Path to Increased Growth and Profitability!

A rock-solid plan to scale
your business

Time to work ON the business,
not IN it

Understand what your numbers say about the health of your business

Increase business value Steadily increasing & predictable profits

KNOW exactly where your money
is going

Be positioned to attract
great funding

A high-functioning team to
support you

Know your key financial

A SYSTEM to generate extra revenue to fund scaling efforts

I’m Glad You Made It Here … Because I Can Help

Hi, I’m Marilyn J. Magett, CEO and Founder of Evolve CFO Services. We provide virtual Chief Financial Officer services to growth-focused, women-owned businesses who want the clarity, peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing and understanding their numbers.

We help talented, hard-working business owners like you:

  • Maximize profits
  • Expertly manage their money
  • Attract needed funding
  • And steadily increase their companies’ value

After more than three decades in strategic financial management, including serving as CFO and in Controllership-level positions for companies such as Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies, I know with 100 percent certainty that the key to scaling your business is to create a predictable and reliable system that generates the net cash flow you need to fund your efforts.

Working on scaling in fits and starts, as money allows or as ideas strike, does NOT work. You need a plan and a systematic way to fund your plan.

My free on demand masterclass reveals the secret to generating profits and net cash flow ...

Every. Single. Month.

When you watch this on-demand masterclass now, you’ll discover:

  • The two essential elements that allow successful women business owners to rapidly scale and increase their business value while typical women-owned businesses languish
  • The exact (simple) 3-step system that is generating positive cash flow and profits every month and how you can install this Growth Acceleration System in your business right now
  • The 5 critical components you must nail to survive and thrive in today’s business environment
  • What you should do NEXT if you’re serious about systematically and predictably scaling your business

Click here now to watch this powerful, on-demand masterclass … so you can discover how to break through the financial challenges that are hindering your efforts to scale your business. I’ll see you on the training!

Yes I want to build a system to repeatedly and reliably produce profits and net cash flow every month to fund the scaling of my business!